Whatever the size of your business – small, medium, or large – you need  to nurture your biggest asset of the organization "Your Employees" and create a sustainable work culture.

Make your HR Process from complex to "Simple" & "Flexible"



Zoho People will automate and simplify your HR operations with easy-to-use and customisable functionalities

Core hr

A centralized HRIS, Zoho People ensures that employee data is perfectly synced across the organization

Talent Acquisition

Automate your hiring process, reach a wider pool of candidates, and elevate your brand. Give your candidates a positive experience.

Talent management

Retaining the talent you worked so hard to find is key to the success of your organization. Zoho Peole offer solutions that help you assess and develop your employees

employee engagement

Build a positive and inclusive work culture with Zoho People Let employees collaborate across teams, share ideas, and stay engaged.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate errors due to manual entries, consolidate attendance data from multiple devices, customize leave types, schedule jobs, and create timesheets with ease.

Time sheets

Generate timesheets for every project worked and bill clients accurately. Zoho People's time tracker allows your employees to log daily, weekly, or monthly work hours.

Self service

With Zoho People's Self-Service, employees can perform many operations like applying for leave, accessing their timesheets, viewing necessary policy documents etc.

People analytics

As your organization grows, it's important to know that your HR tools can grow with you. Zoho People's advanced analytics, offer customizable dashboards that provide easy access to a range of related reports. 

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