Why do companies need SAP SuccessFactors Support ?

Updated: May 20, 2020

To ensure productiveness and preciseness in your current SAP SuccessFactors landscape, your users need to get their queries solved in real-time, taking advantage of product innovations. It is also critical to understand, how a new release can have an impact or what effort it takes to enhance an implemented feature.

Companies need a minimum investment on SAP SuccessFactors support for ;

  • Adoption : Many small or medium organisations do not do effective change management and adequate training for the end users. Users find difficulties in adopting the new system and need a hand-holding.

  • Assist : Most companies may had their old processes manual or on system system which had been well adopted for which they may not had a dedicated help desk or assistance, the users needed to be assisted in the initial stages.

  • Administration : While necessary Knowledge / Training given to the system administrators of the companies but this knowledge is limited to a couple of resources only and if this resources move out, managing the system will get paralysed.

  • Attentiveness : Most of HR processes (Goal Settings, Performance Reviews, Recruitment, Comp-offs…) have Quarterly , Half-yearly or Annual window and need a special attention, at this critical stages companies need attentive hands on the SAP SF so that the HR can focus on the people processes.

  • Amendments :  SuccessFactors innovations coming in the form of quarterly releases, companies need to know the impact analysis of such releases thus make sure that the new updates do not impact either existing process or what has been already implemented and to analyse / implement the new enhancement features & functionalities.

CloudSeva Approach to Support SAP SuccessFactors :

CloudSeva support services solutions in accordance with industries best practices, eliminating functional errors at a critical level, the development of additional system functionalities, and system to deliver excellence at every step of our engagement.

Our support model is aimed at ensuring that the SAP SF system continues to run optimally, without any disruption in business processes, and at lower costs. Our support methodology focuses on Administration, Development and Functional aspects for the management and operation of support services, giving greater benefits to companies and provides well-defined practices for managing people, processes and technology simultaneously to gain effective, repeatable results.

Like to know more about our support services , write to us SF.support@cloudseva.com

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