The main reasons for the fundamental shift in customer demand towards Cloud

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

  1. Cloud solutions require little or no capital outlay by the customer. Cloud offerings are consumed on a subscription basis with all aspects of the offering being provided by the supplier, thereby requiring no major upfront investments either in software or other licenses, or hardware.

  2. Cloud solutions cost less. Because Cloud offerings are provided by larger entities that effectively aggregate volumes and thereby achieve scale economies unavailable to any mid-sized company, a customer can typically lower their overall technology costs.

  3. Cloud solutions are more flexible. An organization can use as little or as much of any Cloud technology as is needed, scaling capacity up and down without incremental infrastructure costs.

  4. Cloud solutions decrease risk. Because Cloud offerings are “evergreen” services, there is no risk of the technology becoming obsolete. A customer is always using the most recent version of any particular technology.

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