How to successfully #Migrate to #Cloud?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

  1. Ascertain, why you want to move to the cloud

  2. Analysis your key areas of strengths and determine the weaknesses.

  3. Assess your existing environment and understand wish list of your key stake holders, business and users.

  4. Choose the right cloud partner, checking there past experience working on similar projects, with clients that are comparable in size and industry.

  5. Determine the cloud environment suits your application.

  6. Plan the architecture.

  7. Select the right cloud provider (not to be mistaken with partner), which meets your planned architecture.

  8. Plan the migration with minimal disruption time.

  9. Back you the data and environment.

  10. Deploy with setting up the cloud environment, including provisioning, connections.

  11. Migrate the Data.

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